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I wan't to start this blogpost by saying I know I'm not the best at keeping to my TBR's and I am hoping with this month's reading to change that. Towards the middle of March I announced that I would be taking part in #ARCAPRIL you can see that post here.  In that post I said that I would like to to reach Diamond Reader Level meaning I would read 16+ books. I'm not going to list all 16 books because I do want to leave myself with a little bit of freedom with my reading, but I will be listing the books I'm currently reading, and the ones that I really hope to get to before they get released.


I would just like to say that all of these were e-arcs from Netgalley, and I would sincerely like to thank all of the publishers for giving me the opportunity to read/review this books in exchange for my honest review. 

Currently Reading

Railhead by Philip Reeve
Plain Again by Sarah Price

I'm almost half way done with Railhead and about 20% done with Plain Again which is the third book in the Plain Fame Series. I am enjoying both of these, I just haven't had time to sit down and read ARC's for the past two weeks. 

Book's I Want To Read

Static by Eric Laster
Lucky Me by Saba Kapur
The Reluctant Duchess by Roseanna M. White
Don't Get Caught by Kurt Dinan
Cimarron Girl by Mike Blanc
The Art Of Not Breathing by Sarah Alexander
100 Days of Cake by Shari Goldhagen

That is all of the book's I would really like to read this month and they come out between April 1st and May 17th so they are my top priority. I did leave myself with I believe 5 book's that aren't on this list so I'm not set into reading 16+ books. I'm hoping with allowing myself to have a little bit of freedom I'm able to actually stick to a TBR for a change. 

What are you hoping to read this month? 

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