Review Policy

Review Policy


Readingwithwrin gladly accepts review requests from authors and publishers, both traditionally published and indie. Requests are accepted based on my personal preferences. My reviews contain my honest thoughts and feelings. I do try to review each book that I read, unless I don't finish it.*

My reviews include: A photo of the book, a short synopsis**, my personal thoughts and feelings about the book, a 0-5 star rating, publication date, publisher and if it is a standalone/series/etc, Genre/Genres.

I try to post all of my reviews on Blog, Goodreads, Instagram, and Amazon.

* Please see rating systems to find out why I did not finish a book.
**All summaries/synopsis are taken from, the Publisher's/Author's website, or from the book.

Types of  books accepted

Young Adult:
Historical Fiction
Realistic Fiction
Christian Fiction
Some Contemporary

Historical Fiction
Amish Fiction
Christian Fiction

Books Not Accepted
Fantasy retellings
High Fantasy

I prefer physical, kindle, or ebook. 

Dairy Free

I am new to this whole dairy-free eating, so I am learning slowly. If you have a product you think I would enjoy then please send me a message so I can check it out. I will review the products honestly that I try that are dairy free. I am not accepting any items at the moment, but am open to trying new foods that are dairy free. 

If you are interested please send an email to

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