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Henry by Katrina Shawver *ARC #bookreview

Henry: A Polish Swimmer's True Story of Friendship from Auschwitz to AmericaTitle: Henry A Polish Swimmer's True Story of Friendship From Auschwitz to America
Author: Katrina Shawver
Publisher: Koehler Books
Published Date: November 1st 2017 by
Genre: Nonfiction, WWII, History, Polish
Page Count:307
Format: Kindle

My Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★.5

Goodreads Summary: 
When Katrina Shawver met the eighty-five year old Henry Zguda, he possessed an exceptional memory, a surprising cache of original documents and photos, and a knack for meeting the right people at the right time. Couched in the interview style of Tuesdays with Morrie, Henry relates in his own voice a life as a champion swimmer, interrupted by three years imprisoned in Auschwitz and Buchenwald as a Polish political prisoner. With a pragmatic gallows humor, and sense of hope, he showed the author how to truly live for today, preferably with a shot of good Polish vodka. Henry's path of resiliency and power of connection are as relevant today, as they were in World War II.

Henry reminds us that no single class of people was safe from Hitler's reach or imprisonment, and no country suffered more under Hitler and Stalin than Poland. This bridge to history and view of the Holocaust through Polish eyes is supported by extensive research, and features more than 70 original photos and rare German documents. Ultimately, Henry is the story a strong young man, who survives by his wits, humor, friends, and a healthy dose of luck. This book is for the discerning adult looking for an intelligent read that examines World War II, the Holocaust, and the true meaning of friendship then and now.


 My Review

Thank you to Netgalley, and the publisher/author for an e-arc in exchange for my honest review.

I read this book over a few months because it is a heavy thing to deal with. The stories that Henry told of what happened to him and so many others in Auschwitz and the other camps are heartbreaking. This isn't a book for the faint of heart.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Down the TBR Hole #28

Down the TBR Hole was created by Lia from LOSTINASTORY.
This weekly meme is to help you get your tbr down to a more manageable number, by going through 10 books from your shelves and deciding if you will really read the book or not, and getting rid of the ones you no longer want to read.

Last week I got rid of 6 books! This week I'm hoping to get rid of 6 again. Let's see if I can do it.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Liberty by Andrea Portes #bookreview #minireview

Liberty: The Spy Who (Kind of) Liked MeTitle: Liberty The Spy Who (kind of) Liked Me
Author: Andrea Portes
Publisher: HarperTeen
Published Date: June 6th 2017
Genre: Contemporary, Mystery, Funny
Page Count:400
Format: Hardcover

My Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

Goodreads Summary: 
What is a hero? Paige Nolan knows.

Sean Raynes, the young man who exposed America’s unconstitutional spying techniques, is a hero, even if half the dum-dums in the country think he’s a traitor. And her journalist parents, who were captured by terrorists while telling stories of the endangered and oppressed—they were heroes, too. Or are—no one has ever told Paige if they’re still alive, or dead.

Not heroes? Anyone in the government who abandoned her parents, letting them rot somewhere halfway across the world.

And certainly not Paige herself, who, despite her fluency in five languages and mastery of several obscure martial arts (thanks, Mom!), could do nothing to save them.

Couldn’t, that is, until she’s approached by Madden Carter, an undercover operative who gives her a mission: fly to Russia, find Raynes, and discover what other government secrets he’s stockpiled. In exchange, he’ll reopen the case on her missing parents.

She’s given a code name and a cover as a foreign exchange student.

Who is a hero? Not Paige Nolan, but maybe, just maybe, Liberty is.


 My Review:

This is a book I wish I could go back and read again for the first time. It's not your conventional spy book by any means. Paige is probably one of the worst spies I've ever read about, I mean honestly, how was she not found out multiple times? She made so many things extremely obvious, but I loved her because of that. She isn't one of these characters who instantly knows what to do, in fact, she's like a lot of people would be if they were forced into this role.
That's what made me love this book so much though, yes it's extremely far-fetched and completely unrealistic, but it was such a fun read! I don't know about you, but I need more of these in my life right now.

Paige a.k.a Liberty is sent to a foreign country to try and discover the secrets a person has stockpiled. Sounds easy enough.. guess what it's not its extremely complicated and makes multiple lines become blurred. Paige struggles to fit in and has no idea who to trust and with very little help from the person who sent her there at times, it feels like she is a sitting duck on the verge of getting caught. I did really enjoy the friendships she made during this time though, even if they were a little stressful at times while reading because of the unknown if they could be trusted or not.

(I will say one relationship made me uncomfortable for obvious reasons.)

Overall if you're looking for a fun book, that's fast-paced that deals with spies, this is the book for you!

Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go and read another one of Portes novels and hope it gives me just as many laughs as this one did. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Blog Tour: These Vengeful Souls (These Vicious Masks #3) by Tarun Shanker & Kelly Zekas

Title: These Vengeful Souls
Series: These Vicious Masks
Author: Kelly Zekas & Tarun Shanker
Publisher: Swoon Reads
Published Date: February 20th, 2018
Genre: Magic, Fantasy, YA, Historical fiction
Page Count:304 
Format: Kindle

My Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Goodreads Summary: 
England, 1883. On the run with the grieving Sebastian Braddock, Evelyn wants two things: to be reunited with her friends, and to get revenge on the evil Captain Goode. Not only has he misused his and Sebastian's powers to rack up a terrible death toll, but he's also completely destroyed any hope of Evelyn or her friends regaining the life they once knew.

Evelyn is determined to make Captain Goode pay for what he's done, but is her revenge worth risking the lives of Sebastian and her friends? Or is it better to flee the city and focus on staying alive? And with the Captain spreading lies about Sebastian in an attempt to flush them out of hiding and turn the populace against them, does she even have a choice at all?


 My Review

May Contain Spoilers

Thank you to XpressoTours for an e-ARC in exchange for my honest review and the opportunity to host the blog tour!

I have read the other two books in this trilogy These Vicious Masks and These Ruthless Deeds and loved them both!

Ending are always something that makes me nervous in books. Will I like it? Will all most questions get answers? Will my favorite characters die or end up happy? These are a lot of things that keep me from finishing a lot of series. This year though I am going to start finishing series/trilogies starting with this one.

Evelyn, Rose, Sebastian, Mr.Kent and the rest of the gang are all still together and things start up right where the first one ended. We see the characters dealing with what happened at the end of These Ruthless Deeds, and how Evelyn and Sebastian are feeling guilty for what happened. The whole gang is now spread throughout the series because of what Captain Goode and the people he has on his side have done and what they continue to do throughout this whole book.
Once the gang is back together after a bit of a struggle, we see them struggling to figure out how to stop Captain Goode and his people all without getting themselves caught by the general public. Sounds easy enough, but it's not because of how despicable Captain Goode is and how he will use any means necessary to try and stop Evelyn and her friends.

Overall I loved this one just as much as the others. I couldn't put it down and read the whole thing in a little over a day. None of the characters had a massive change after what happened and instead they are more determined than ever to stop the Society and Captain Goode from what the have been doing. Evelyn is still out of blood and won't stop for anything to get that until some things get brought to her attention. Sebastian is still blaming himself for everything and thinks he is the worst.
One thing that we hadn't seen before is how Rose's powers affect her ability to trust peoples opinion of her. Its something I hadn't thought of before, but it's a real problem for her, but she also learns how to use it for good. We also see the rest of the group working on their powers and bringing everything together to try and help Evelyn stop Captain Goode.
I say Evelyn specifically because like the other two she is the main person willing to take the risks needed to stop him. She risks everything again and again and makes some not so smart decisions, but she has good intentions.
I loved how two characters end up working together for a change.
The ending while not exactly what I was hoping for it, does make sense considering everything. I am so so sad to see this trilogy ending and I cannot wait to marathon read this whole series soon.

I cant' wait to see what Shanker and Zekas write in the future as I know it will be fantastical and great!

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Down the TBR Hole #27

Down the TBR Hole was created by Lia from LOSTINASTORY.
This weekly meme is to help you get your tbr down to a more manageable number, by going through 10 books from your shelves and deciding if you will really read the book or not, and getting rid of the ones you no longer want to read.

Last week I got rid of 5 books. I think I should be able to do that much this week as well, but I know some Christmas books will be invovled in this weeks selections. Let's see how it goes.

Henry by Katrina Shawver *ARC #bookreview

Title: Henry A Polish Swimmer's True Story of Friendship From Auschwitz to America Author: Katrina Shawver Publisher:  Koehler Books ...