Thursday, December 31, 2015

2016 Bookish Goals

I can't believe today is the last day of 2015, where has the year gone? I did make some goals for 2015 and I posted them over on my tumblr which you can read that post here. 

I did okay on these goals, but I also kind of forgot about the goals up until about two weeks ago when people started posting 2016 goals. 
I didn't read 4 classics or finish the Ashfall series, nor did I finish all the books on my shelf.  I did finish the Maze Runner series and I did surpass my goals of 42 books and I ended up reading 84 books. I did end up writing reviews for most of the books I read and I loved doing it. It was so nice to be able to get my feelings out about them and meet people who felt the same way as I did. 

2016 Goals

Now time for the 2016 goals. I was really unsure if I was even going to make a post about this because I always end up forgetting about them until almost the end of the year, but this year I am going to write it down and keep it on my desk so I can look and see what I want to accomplish this year. 

  1. Last year I reviewed most of the books I read and I really want to continue this because I loved being able to look back and see what I thought of a book. 
  2. Going with that last goal I want to post at least one review a week. That is what I originally started this blog for, somehow along the way though it has ended up just being meme's some weeks.
  3. This is another one that adds on to my next one, which is to make a posting schedule and stick to it. I tried to do that this year, but I wasn't very successful at it so this time I am going to try a few different posting schedules and then see which one I like more. 
  4. Last year I read 84 books, so this year I want to read 80 books. I'm not yet sure if I am going to make a Goodreads goal for this or not yet. I might just make a bookshelf on my Goodreads for it instead and just go by that. 
  5. I want to read all of the Netgalley books I have gotten as well as the three books that I have gotten from Goodreads giveaways. I tend to put these off for some reason but I do really want to get better at this. 
  6. Read all of the books I currently have on my physical shelves. This year my aunt has given me several books and with that means that I have gotten quite a lot of new to me books that I want to read.
  7. I also want to start reading more physical books. I have a tendency to just read eBooks anymore since I have overdrive on my tablet and phone. This is a good thing because it has helped me read more, but it is also a bad thing because I've kind of been neglecting the actual library. 
  8. I'm also taking part in the 2016 Debut Author Challenge and for that challenge I want to read 20 books. 
  9. I want to try and find some clean new adult novels I know Melody Carlson has one and I want to try and find more. 
  10. Listen to more audio books. I don't really listen to many books and I and want to change that because some books are just better in audio book form. 

Those are all of my Bookish Goals for 2016!


  1. Great Resolutions! I really need to start reviewing every book I read. I think I can do it! :D
    Good Luck!

    My TTT! :D

  2. Good luck with your resolutions!
    My TTT:


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