Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Good Girls by Sara Shepard

Title: The Good Girls
Series: The Perfectionists #2
Author: Sara Shepard
Publisher: HarperTeen
Published Date: June 2nd 2015
Genre: Contemporary, YA, Mystery
Page Count: 368
Format: Hardcover

My Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

Goodreads Summary:
Mackenzie, Ava, Caitlin, Julie, and Parker have done some not-so-perfect things. Even though they all talked about killing rich bully Nolan Hotchkiss, they didn't actually go through with it. It's just a coincidence that Nolan died in exactly the way they planned . . . right? Except Nolan wasn't the only one they fantasized about killing. When someone else they named dies, the girls wonder if they're being framed. Or are they about to become the killer's next targets?

My Review: 

"I mean, that's where you're going with this, aren't you? Just because we rattled off some names doesn't mean we have any control over them dying or going missing or whatever."

While I have noticed some similarities between this duology and Pretty Little Liars (I've only watched the TV Show so far) it also was separated quite a bit due to the things that the girls deal with. One of my favorite things about this story was that it started off right where the first book ended and just jumped right back into their world.

The thing I have really liked about this duology is that each girl has their own story that has made them be who they are, and that what brought them together was a group discussion in a film class that turned deadly. While there were a few little arguments between the girl's there was never a huge fight that made them stop talking to each other and that they all were for the most part in this together and just wanted to protect the people that they had mentioned. I could have done without some of the drama that was going on in the girl's life and a little bit more about how they were going to figure out who, was doing all of the murders.

I will say this though Shepard did an amazing job of keeping us in the dark about who really did it. The whole time I kept going back and forth on three other characters I thought it could have been, but boy was I wrong. I never would have guessed it was that person and that is the main reason I ended up liking this book so much. I still can't believe that ending though. While we did get a nice ending I was still wanting more due to what happened in the last chapter. Does anyone else think that they might change their minds and make this into a series instead of a duology?

If you've also read this book please pm so we can talk about it.

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