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Guest Post | How is book blogging important to you as an author personally? | Robin Daniels

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Happy Friday! This week we're doing something a little different. I've partnered with YAReads Blog Tours and the lovely author Robin Daniels. Robin very kindly answered one of the questions I've really been wondering about recently as a book blogger. (P.S. I just started her 4th book in a series and It's already so much fun!) Don't forget to wait until the end as well to find out how to enter a giveaway and get more details on Robin's newest book.

How is book blogging important to you as an author personally?

Book blogging is very new for me since I just started the blog in December of last year. I never even followed book blogs before I started my own. But the blog has become an essential part of my writing career for a few reasons.

The first reason that I blog is because I want to give back to the community of indie authors. My blog is dedicated specifically to reviewing books by people who are self-published. I’m very blessed that I had good connections when I decided to become a writer. It’s a huge part of the reason my first book did well. I was a nobody without a fan base, but an established and successful author promoted me among her fans, which gave me an edge. I don’t think I’d be where I am today without that help. My following isn’t gigantic (hopefully someday), but if I can help another indie author the way I was helped then all the work as a blogger will be worth it.

Another reason that blogging is important to me is that it’s one of my best marketing tools. My blog posts always have an associated giveaway, usually a signed copy of the book along with some other fun stuff. I promote the book post and giveaway for a couple weeks and in return, the featured author does the same. That way, some of my fans start following the featured author and some of their fans start following me. It’s a win-win for both of us and it’s a good networking tool. Most indie authors will agree that we can’t be competitors. Plugging someone else’s book can only help your own.

The last important thing that blogging has done for me sounds silly, but blogging forces me to read. Crazy right? I love reading. And I was always a prolific reader--until I became a writer. Now I just don’t have enough time to read, especially with all the other things that life throws at me. But I know that if worst comes to worst, at least I’ll get to read two books a month for the blog. And that’s a whole lot better than none!

Robin Daniels latest book

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Title: Perfectly Misunderstood 

Series: The Perfect Series #4
Genre: Contemporary, Funny, Romance
Release Date: April 4th, 2018
Publisher: Bluefields

Synopsis: This dual perspective book is the final installment in The Perfect Series. 

Jayden Valdez is an overachieving intellectual. Mike McGinnes is Franklin High School’s dumbest jock. Even though they barely know each other, she finds his personality repulsive and he thinks she’s got a giant stick up her you know what.

Mike and Jayden are surprised and annoyed when their teacher pairs them together for Spanish tutoring. Both feel it’s a complete waste of time since nobody could learn from a person who bugs the crap out of them. Not to mention that their reputations might be ruined if people realize what they’re doing.

But it doesn’t take long for Jayden to discover that Mike has a secret—he isn’t the person he appears to be. Much to her dismay, Jayden finds 'Secret Mike' strangely attractive. And for some crazy reason, Mike is amused by Jayden’s clever insults and witty banter. Suddenly, they have a much bigger problem than their mutual disdain. What started as irritating tension is beginning to feel more like romantic tension and acting on it would be a very bad idea. 

About the author and where to find her:
Guest Post | How is book blogging important to you as an author personally? | Robin Daniels, ya, author, indie author
Robin Daniels is a sixteen-year-old trapped in a middle-aged body. She’s married to an amazing guy and has five cute but crazy kids. When she’s not chasing children or writing books, she’s coaching volleyball or working on her blog. She tries to read as much as possible, especially when she has housework to do. Robin’s favorites include napping, dessert, pedicures, Christmas, Arizona winters, and Diet Coke.

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  1. This is such a fun series! I'd love a paperback set for my personal library!

    1. I hope you get it! I can't believe I hadn't heard more about it until this tour.


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