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The Revenge by Hannah Jayne ARC #BookReview

The RevengeTitle: The Revenge
Author: Hannah Jayne
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Published Date: July 4th 2017
Genre: YA, mystery, thriller
Page Count:304
Format: Kindle

My Rating: ★★★

Goodreads Summary: 
Tony just wanted a little revenge when he posted his ex’s location online. He never meant to lead a predator to her doorstep…

After Hope breaks up with Tony and embarrasses him at school, he's devastated. In a moment of revenge, Tony makes the location on her phone public. But a week later, when Hope calls Tony and begs him to stop the prank, he hears a shriek and a car door slamming. Then the call is dropped.

When Hope isn't back at school the next day, Tony realizes that he may have put Hope's life in danger. Can he trace Hope's movements and save her before it's too late?


 My Review:

Last year I read Twisted by Hannah Jayne, and really liked it. So when I saw she had another novel I didn't even bother reading what the synopsis was about. Now I wish I had.

"They were: desperate, Fame hungry. So rolled up in their own agenda that they had no idea that Hope's high school revenge plan had taken on a life of its own. That their own daughter was in danger while they rolled film. For the first time in a long time, I felt sorry for Hope."

Hope since she was conceived has been a rating booster to her parents on their morning TV show. Every big and small thing that has happened in her life has been filmed and broadcasted to millions. So when she meets Tony a guy who doesn't care about her parents or the benefits he might get while dating her she falls for him. Fast forward a few months and they've broken up. Hope has made him look horribly in the public eye and he is upset. He wants to get revenge on her, and he does so in a drastic and dangerous way in today's world.

"She was hope and I did love her and I didn't want anything bad to happen."

At first he started off small, signing her up to get things sent her door, and while I thought it was petty wasn't that bad; then things go from petty to just plain dangerous in two seconds when he shares her personal info on dating sites and even her location. I should have stopped reading at this point, but I had to know if he was ever going to get caught.

Very bad things end up happening to Hope, because of things that both her and Tony did. It's an awful and scary situation to be in and how the whole town was just accusing Tony without, evidence, because he was the ex really bothered me. Yes he played a part in it, but there were very obviously signs that something else was going on as well.

"I would get out of this house if it killed me. I would get back to my parents, to Tony, to my school. I would survive."

Overall I really didn't like this book. It's everything that shouldn't be done during a break-up, but because we do live in such a technology fueled world, It's also something that can happen in a blink of an eye. Things get taken to far way to quickly nowadays, and while I don't agree with the things that happened in this book. I do think it is important to show that sharing someones private information in this way, has consequences and those consequences can lead to people dying. Tony, Hope and their friends are not likable people. They make mistakes that have very real life consequences that they all might not be able to come back from.

I did give this a higher rating than most because of those reasons though. We need to address technology and information sharing to teenagers, because when we don't they don't realize the consequences until they are already in trouble.

Thank you to Netgalley and Sourcebooks Fire for an e-arc of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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