Friday, April 14, 2017

The best I've ever done during a read-a-thon!! #RYBSAT Wrap-Up

I didn't make an official blog post for this read-a-thon, but I did post a photo's on instagram showing my hopeful TBR. Read your bookshelf a thon ran from March 27 - April 10. The longest readathon I have ever taken part of so far.

Daily Updates

 March 27: Day 1
The Hate U Give - 91 finished!
A Season of Daring Greatly - 116

March 28: Day 2
A Season of Daring Greatly 104
Call The Midwife 1 hr 42 min finished!

March 29: Day 3
A Walk In The Woods 2 hr 28 min
A Season Of Daring Greatly 118
Blood Rose Rebellion 24%

March 30: Day 4
Blood Rose Rebellion 5%

March 31: Day 5
Blood Rose Rebellion 64% finished!

April 1: Day 6
A Walk In The Woods 3 hr finished!

April 2-4: Day 7-9
Rise of the Rocket Girls 2 hr
Pretty Fierce 320

April 5: Day 10
Season Of Daring Greatly 79 pgs finished!
Rise Of the Rocket Girls 2 hr
Traitor to the Throne 100 pgs

April 6: Day 11
Dead Inside - 87 pgs

April 7: Day 12
Dead Inside 201 pgs finished!

April 8: Day 13
Rise of the Rocket Girls 2 hr 31 min
Traitor to the Throne 29 pgs

April 9: Day 14
Rise of the Rocket Girls 3 hr 15 min finished!
Traitor To the Throne 105

April 10: Day 15
Traitor to the Throne - 276 finished!
Dreamland Burning - 81

Reading Totals

Books Read: 9
3 ARCs, 3 Audiobooks,  3 Hardcovers
Audio Time: 21 hr 15 minutes
Pages Read : 1,993

This is the best I have ever done during a read-a-thon. I do think it's important to say that I was almost done with both Call The Midwife and The Hate U Give, because I had started them during the Borrowathon 

How did you end up doing during the readathon? 
What readathon should I do next?

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