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My Top 5 Dairy Free Chocolate Bars #Blogmas2k16

Finding Dairy Free Chocolate is hard when you first start looking for it. But after a years time of being dairy free I've found several that I really love. As it is Blogmas and the holiday season chocolate and candy in general is something that is eaten and given a lot. Which can make things difficult when you are dairy free. So I decided to make a little list of the ones that I personally think are the best. 

Enjoy Life Foods

This is most likely going to be the first one you find and try because of how popular the enjoylife brand is. They have some of the best food for food allergies and are pretty easy to find (can be a bit pricey). They have three different kinds of chocolate bars Dark Chocolate, RiceMilk Chocolate and RiceMilk Crunch.

I prefer the RiceMilk Crunch personally because the crunch cuts some of the sweetness. The RiceMilk Chocolate and the RiceMilk Crunch both taste like regular milk chocolate does just without all of the milk products in it. 

No Whey Chocolate

So far I've only tried three types of chocolate from this brand, but I did enjoy both. The Chocolate No No's remind me a lot of m&m's. The Chocolate No Whey Candy Bar reminds me of a milky way. The Pea"not" Butter Cups are of course supposed to be like a peanut butter cup. 

Vegan Candy Bar Chocolate- Allergy FriendlyVegan Chocolate Lentils- Allergy FriendlyVegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups-Allergy Friendly

Personally I did prefer the Choco No No's to the other products, but the other ones were still okay. 
This brand also does specialty boxed chocolates that are vegan and dairy free. I have not yet tried those so I can't say if they are good or bad. 


Most Ghirardelli products do have milk and dairy in them, but the dark chocolates so far appear to not have any dairy in them. 
Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Bar Intense Dark Twilight Delight®

I've only tired the Dark Chocolate Twilight 72% cocoa because that's the one every store seems to have. It is very rich so It doesn't take much to satisfy me.

King David Baking Chips

This is one cheating a little bit as it's baking chips, but its impossible to find white chocolate dairy free bars. Or at least I haven't been able to find any so far. (If you know of any please tell me.) So instead we make our own using these baking chips and add the flavors we want to them.

These have a nice flavor they can taste a bit waxy if you just eat them plain. But if you plan to add flavor or anything like that to them, it won't taste waxy at all. 
This year they also have Butterscotch and Caramel lactose free baking chips. I haven't tried those yet as we don't make things that call for them. 


Finally time to talk about my favorite chocolate bar. Chocolove! Now this company has over 10 different types of Dark Chocolate you can choose from! I've yet to try all of them but I have tried 5 and loved every single one of them. They are pretty easy to find as well in most grocery stores health section. (They also have several milk chocolate ones that have dairy in them, so make sure you get ones that say dark chocolate as those are the diary free ones.)

 Chocolove Dark Chocolate Bar Cherries & AlmondsChocolove Dark Chocolate Bar RaspberriesChocolove Dark Chocolate Bar Almonds & Sea SaltChocolove Dark Chocolate Bar Peppermint
My Favorites are the: Raspberry and Dark Chocolate, Peppermint and Dark Chocolate, Cherries and Dark Chocolate and Dark Chocolate with Sea-salt and Almonds. Another nice thing about this brand is they make mini and full sized bars. 

Those are my Top 5 dairy free chocolates. I went by brand because it's just to hard to choose a favorite from some of these companies. If you have tried any of these or have any recommendations for chocolate that I should try please tell me in the comments!

*I am in not sponsored by any of these products and I bought all of them to try on my own with my own money. 
**Please check ingredients on all chocolate before you buy it in case the manufacture has changed ingredients.

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