Friday, September 2, 2016

ARC August Wrap-Up : 2016 Reading Challenge #arcagust

I can't believe Arc August is already over! 

I feel like this past month has gone by way to fast sadly. I was able to get through 10 books this month! Sadly though only 5 of those were on my original to be read (I'm surprised I stuck to it for that many.) I'm pretty proud of myself for having read that many because the Olympics happened as well as me just trying to enjoy the few weeks of summer that I had. Now without further ado lets see how I did week by week!

Weekly Updates

Week One
1st - 7th

Smash & Grab by Amy Christine Parker 
Teenagers forced to do heists plus rich kids trying to get there families money back. Read my full review here

The Assassin Game by Kirsty Mckay
School with a secret society that goes terribly wrong. Read my full review here

Week Two 
8th - 14th

The Sugar Men by Ray Kingfisher
A heartbreaking holocaust survival story. Read my full review here

You Before Anyone Else by Julie Cross
This story didn't go where I thought it would, but I was still happy with what happened. Read my full review here

Week Three
15th - 21st

The Tokyo Cover Girls by Jackie Amsden
Modeling in a foreign country can be scary especially when someones trying to kill you. Full review to come September 12th as part of a blog tour with Express Book Tours! Goodreads mini review

Week Four
22nd - 28th
The Summer Before Forever by Melissa Chambers
Such a quick read that dealt with some difficult things. Read full review here

OxBlood by AnnaLisa Grant
Loved it and I need the next book now. Goodreads mini review (full review to be posted on September 19th)

Week Five
29th - 31st

A Forest Of Wolves by Chelsea Luna
This books starts right where the first one ended. We get to see the rebellion from inside and how it works and what the people are really up against. All while Mila hides a secret that could get her killed. Goodreads mini review (full review coming September 14th)

A Fine Imitation by Amber Brock
This book is very slow at the beginning but the last chapter was my favorite as well as the epilogue. Without them this would have just been a 2 star book for me with how slow going the rest of the story was.  Goodreads mini review (full review coming soon)

Of Better Blood by Susan Moger
This book is told in three different parts each telling a different thing that happened to our main character during one summer. While we also get to see things from her past as well and how they have changed her into the person she is now. Goodreads mini review (full review coming soon) 

How did you end up doing this month? 

I hope to continue with this trend of reading more ARC's so I can get my pile down to a more manageable amount before the end of the year. So I can start 2017 fresh and with lots of posts scheduled.  

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  1. Great job! You rocked it! I agree with you. I am incorporating all of my ARCS into all of the readathons coming up. I really want to finish them all before the year is over.


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