Saturday, June 18, 2016

June Read-A-Thons! #genreathon #TBRTakedown #CasualReadathonJ

So this month I've decided to take part in three read-a-thon's that will be happening the last week in a half of June! I am hoping to do separate wrap-ups for each read-a-thon but we will just have to see how much free time I end up having. I will be posting individual TBR photos for each of them on the first day of each read-a-thon as I am not yet sure what I will be reading and don't want to make my TBR to early and loose interest in the books I choose.

The First read-a-thon is #TBRTakedown 4.0

The Challenges

1. TBR over a year [longest]
2. Sequel
3. First book in a series
4. Out of comfort zone [whatever that means for you]
5. Most Recent Book Haul


The Challenges

1. Read a thriller
2. Read a thriller published in the last 5 years
3. Read 3 books



The Challenges

1. Read 4 books
2. Read a book with yellow on it
3. Read a book under 300 pages
4. Read a book released in 2016
5. Read outside for 30 minutes


Those are all of the read-a-thons I will be participating in the last half of this month. I will be posting updates on my twitter and my TBR's on my Instagram as well. 

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