Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Bout Of Books 16 Wrap-Up : Read-A-Thon

I can't believe Bout Of Books is already over! It was another whirlwind of a read-a-thon. This time I did end up doing better though and managed to finish 2 books, and gets through most of a third one. Now lets see how I did. 


To read Sugarland by Martha Conway - I read this book within the first few days!

That was my only goal for a change and I actually completed it! Yay! now lets go on to daily updates.

Daily Updates:

Day 1: Beneath My Mother's Feet 38 pg's (122-160)
Day 2: Sugarland by Martha Conway 22% (12-34%)
Day 3: Sugarland by Martha Conway 66% (34-100%) Finished!
Day 4: Beneath My Mother's Feet 37 pg's (161-198) Finished!
Extras by Scott Westerfeld 41 pg's (1-41)
Day 5: Extras by Scott Westerfeld 200 (41-241)
Day 6: Extras by Scott Westerfeld 35 pg's (241-276)
Day 7: I ended up getting sick on this day and wasn't able to read anything. 

Total pg's read: 656 pg's
Total book's finished: 2
Total goals completed: 1/1
How did you end up doing on this read-a-thon? 

To see my announcement post click here. 

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