Tuesday, April 5, 2016

My Favorite BookTube People : Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.

This weeks Tuesday's theme is Favorite bookish people from either Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook or blogs. I decided to go with BookTube because that is what got me into this whole bookish community. So without further ado here are my Ten Favorite BookTubers.

Heather @ Bookables

She is one of the first BookTubers I found and I love how realistic she is with book buying and her reviews are mostly non-spoiler. 

Brittany @ UnderTheRadarBooks

As her name implies she reads mainly books that aren't super popular and tend to fly under the radar on BookTube. I found her a few months ago and I have been loving her videos and reviews. 

Shannon @ leaninglights

She is one of the kindest bigger BookTubers and is very involved in the community. She reads so many books in a month and I have no idea how she does it. She also started TBR Takedown that happens several times a year.

I believe her channel was originally makeup, but since I've been following her she has been doing bookish videos. She is very sweet and reads a lot of non-fiction so if you're looking for recommendations on that she is a good choice.

Sophie @ SophiesSeries

She is a very sweet and tends to read a lot of historical fiction, or books in a series like I do. Making it very nice to get recommendations from her videos.

Kristi @ BostonBookReader

I'm sure you've heard me mention her before on my blog, she is an internet friend of mine who has helped me get more into the bookish community with doing tags and things like that. 

Miranda @ BooKss101

Somehow she manages to go to University, Vlog everyday, and still finds time to read and have a life outside of the internet. She also created the Read-a-thon RYBSAT (Read Your Book Shelf-A-Thon).

Kayte @ KayteReads

Kayte is a super fast reader who somehow still manages to remember details from the books. She is also the co-host of Casual Read-A-Thon. Right now she is taking a break due to focusing on her health, but I can't wait till she is feeling better and is able to make videos again.

Bekah @ AwesomeBookNut

Bekah not only does clean reads, but also not clean reads. I feel like she gives a nice balance between the two and isn't biased towards one or the other.

Samantha @ Thoughts On Tomes

She is also one of the first BookTubers I started watching. I really like how not only does she post Spoiler free reviews but when it's called for spoiler/gripe reviews as well. She is very honest with her likes and dislikes in books and isn't afraid to state her opinion.

Those are some of my favorite BookTube people. These are not all the ones that I watch, but these are the ones I have watched most recently/talked to. Which Top Ten Tuesday choice did you go with this week? Please leave links down below so I can get some new recommendations of Bookish people to follow.

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