Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Fictional Items I Want : T5W

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This week was a little difficult, but I was able to come up with a few fictional items I would like.

There is several items from Harry Potter I could say, but I am going to go with the
Invisibility Cloak.
Since I first saw Harry get it in Sorcerers Stone I thought it would be really cool to have. I mean you can be under it reading and no one would be able to bother you ever.

Ability to sense Gold
I know this isn't an item, but it's still really cool and it helps you find items.

From History Mystery series the
 computer that lets you travel back in time and see what was happening.
I just think it would be really cool to actually see what really happened in a certain place.

Witches ability to appear and disappear.
It would save so much time and make so many more things possible.

From the Many Worlds Trilogy the 
ability to switch between worlds
It would be pretty cool to be able to switch between worlds and see what was different between them.

Those were my picks for fictional items I want. I'm sorry that more of them weren't actual items, but I haven't been reading much fantasy so far this year which made this a little harder to choose.
What were your picks for this week T5W?

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