Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Songs I Wish Were Books : Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.

This weeks Top Ten Tuesday is Songs I Wish Were Books. I really like this week, because we've all had those moments when we could see certain songs becoming books, or inspiration for books. So without further ado here are my picks for this week.

I think this would be a good representation of depression/anxiety and how so many keep quite about it. 

 Old School Love by Megan & Liz
Modern love story with old school virtues sounds like it would be pretty interesting. 

 Nightmare by Avenged Sevelfold
If you've seen the music video for this song then you probably have  a pretty good idea, that its fairy creepy and would make a pretty good scary book. 

 Amelia by Tonight Alive
I think this would make a good book, showing how other people deal with grief after they've lost someone.

 Road Between by Lucy Hale
A Coming of Age story of sorts, with a twenty year old trying to figure it all out.

  The Devil Within by Digital Daggers 
Another scary book, about battling with yourself the most. (Kind of like the Dead House that came out last year.)

Fighter by Christina Aguilera 
A story about using past hardships in order to be stronger and more successful than anyone thought they could be. 

 Where We Used To Run by Landon Austin
About leaving what we have now and becoming what we've always dreamed about with the ones we care about. 

Centuries by Fall Out Boy
Fantasy novel about something that became a Legend due to making a wrong decision. 

This Little Girl by Cady Groves
A contemporary revenge story. 

*Name Links lead to youtube video of song.

What Songs do you wish were books? Did we have any of the same ones? 


  1. I haven't read Rites of Passage yet, but the synopsis reminds me of Fighter by Christine Aguilera. Also Amelia reminds me of the Hopeless books by Colleen Hoover.

    1. Rite of Passage sounds like it is similar to Fighter. I guess I now have a reason to read some of Colleen Hoover's books then. Thank you for the recommendations!

  2. Love the idea for Fighter. That could be such an empowering book. And Centuries would be so awesome in book format! Seriously, a book like that would be so much fun to read.

    My TTT

    1. Wouldn't. I imagine it would be somewhat close to the Bane Chronicles with some of the stuff he did, but more in depth and just about one point in time potentially.


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