Wednesday, November 18, 2015

T5W: My Top 5 Hunger Games Moments

Top 5 Wednesday!

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With Mockingjay part 2 coming out this weekend this one is very fitting. Here are my favorite moments from the hunger games books and movies.

1.  Pretty much anything with Cinna in it I really liked because he taught Katniss so much. 

2. While it did take me awhile to like Katniss and Peeta together as a couple. Once I did I really liked how they worked together on things and Peeta always had Katniss in mind when he did things.

3. When Katniss gets angry at the Capitol/President Snow and says exactly what she really feels towards them. 

4. Rue in the Meadow. This was one of the few moments I got teary eyed while reading this series. 

5. The way that Katniss loves Prim and tries to protect her throughout the whole story. 
The Hunger Games on Instagram: “Celebrate #NationalSistersDay today by tagging your sister or loved ones in the comments below!”:

Those were my Top 5 Hunger Game moments. What were yours? 

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