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Authors I'm Thankful For! : Top Ten Tuesday (#12)

Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I'm Thankful For!

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week's topic is Top Ten Authors I'm Thankful For! I did try to choose different authors, which was a lot harder, then I thought it would be. So without further ado here are the Authors that I'm Thankful For.

Melody Carlson

I first read her series True Colors which deals with some very heavy topics, a long long time ago. (I'm hoping to reread them in the new year) With that series she showed me completely different real life worlds that I hadn't known about before then. She is also just a really easy author to read I have loved all of the books that I have read by her so far and can't wait to read more! 

Sara Shephard

While I haven't read more than three books by her, I do love her for making the  Pretty Little Liars series which then got turned into the TV show! After the TV series, is finally over I do plan to read the book series.

Ally Carter

I love her series Heist Society . It is such a fun and quick read and it is one of those that you could read in one sitting if you're able to do that. 
While that is the one series by her I have read so far I do really want to read the Embassy Row series.

Beverly Lewis

I don't think I have ever talked about this author on my blog. But she is one that whenever I'm just wanting a quick and clean read she is where I go. She does right Amish books so I know its not for everyone, but it's just something that I find somewhat interesting and has also taught me a little bit of Dutch. 

Gail Carriger

While I have only read the first three books in her Finishing School series, I truly love and enjoy them and their the kind that you can read in one sitting. She is a steam punk, historical fiction, fantasy author.

Ruta Sepetys

As of right now she is one of my favorite historical fiction writers. I have loved both of the books she has out so far and you can truly tell that she does so much research before she writes and it just makes the books so easy to read and you just get transported back in time. 

Maureen Johnson

I know I've talked about her a lot, but she is truly one that I am thankful for especially after all of the health problems that she has had. Her Shades of London series is amazing and is one that can be enjoyed by everyone. 

Kimberly Rae

This author is very new to me and I know I have talked about her before, but I am truly thankful for her because she has taken me to a completely different part of the world and shown me some of the very real things that happen there. I have only read her India's Street Kids series so far, but I can't wait to find her other books and read them!

Ryan Graudin

While this is a new to me author I loved her new book Wolf by Wolf. Which is about an alternate ending to WWII and what would have happened if the Nazi's had won. This is something that I have thought about before and it was nice to read a book that was about this scenario. It also made me extremely thankful that this never happened.

J.K. Rowling

She is the author that got me into reading and for that I will always be thankful! Before the Harry Potter series I just thought reading was okay, but I didn't really like it that much. After reading that series, as I grew up it got me into reading and made me want to read so many more stories. For that I will forever be thankful!

Those were the ten Authors that I'm Thankful For. What authors are you thankful for this holiday season?

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  1. I'm definitely thankful for JK Rowling!
    My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2015/11/24/top-ten-tuesday-32/


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