Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Casual Readathon

The Casual Readathon is created and hosted by BookAMeggle .
The readathon is from July 15th where you are to July 22nd 11:59. All in your time zone. If you would like to join tweet @CasualReadathon. If you use Twitter then use the #CRJ2 to join in. For this Readathon there are challenges, reading sprints and overall its just a fun book reading experience.

The Challenges:
1) Read 3 books.
2) Read a sequel / ending to a series.
3) Read a contemporary.
4) Read a book with green on it.
5) Read a 2014+ release.
6) Read a summer / beach set book.
7) Read a movie / TV adaptation.
Challenges may be combined!

 I am very excited for this readathon since it is a week long I know it will go better then the 24in48 one did. I do have a very short TBR but that is mainly due to the fact that I'm actually hoping to complete one for a change and maybe even add a few more later on. I will also be doing daily updates on my twitter.

The Good Girls by Sarah Shephard (This one counts for Reading a sequal,Read a contemporary, and Read a book with green on it.)
The Cipher by John C. Ford (Read a 2014+ Release)
The Sound by Sarah Alderson (Read a summer/beach setting)
The Book thief by Marcus Zusak (Read a movie/TV adaption)


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