Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Amanda's Own Confections Valentines Day Chocolate!

Today on valentines day I actually got specialty dairy free chocolate! 

I had heard of Amanda's Own Confections, but hadn't ever tried anything from them before. And getting this today was a lovely surprise that I absolutely love. 

The chocolate comes in this cute box covered in hearts and sealed with the Amanda's Own Confections label.

The chocolates come in three different styles with either a cupid, heart, or love printed on them. The chocolate tastes to me exactly like regular full dairy chocolate! It has no weird fruity under-taste nor is it biter at all! Which I've noticed is something that is hard to find in dairy free chocolate. I will be purchasing this chocolate for others around holiday times and for just because times as well. 

If you've tried this company's chocolate before what other styles or flavors do you recommend?

*not sponsored given this chocolate by a family member.  

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