Tuesday, December 27, 2016

2017 Reading & Blog Goals #newyearsgoals #blogmas2k16

For 2017 I have several goals that I would like to complete not only with reading, but also with my blog. In 2016 I really started investing more time in this blog and I want to continue with that in 2017. I've loved getting to know so many new people and reading so many good books and getting to talk about them and interact a little bit with some of the authors. The book community is one that I love even with all of it's problems because we actively try to help everyone and include everyone. I want to be apart of something like that and keep it all inclusive and constantly learning. I also want to keep reading even more than I have this year,with reading 147 books I know I can do even better in 2017 because of how much I'm enjoying reading and not pushing myself to read books I don't like. So without further ado lets see what my reading and blogging goals will be for 2017!

Reading Goals
  1. Read 261 books. That is a lot and I'll be okay if I don't read that much, but I also want to challenge myself after reading over 150 books in 2016.
  2. Read 12 Classics. 
  3. Read 10 Debut Authors
  4. Read 5 Nonfiction 
  5. Read more diversely
  6. Read all of the books on my #0by18 TBR
  7. Get my Netgalley percentage up to 80% at least. (right now it's at 50%
That's all of the big bookish goals I would like to accomplish this coming year.
 Blog Goals

  1. Post 4 to 5 times a week
  2. Keep up to date on cross-posting
  3. Get #YAAroundTheWorld going for real
  4. Update my review archive weekly
  5. Update my quote posting archive weekly (I post the quotes on my instagram.)
Those were all of the goals I've been thinking about for awhile with my blog.

I feel like all of these goals are really obtainable for me as long as I keep going with my planning and make sure I don't get behind in my reviews like I did for part of last year.

What are your goals for this coming year?


  1. Great goals - I think everyone should have reading diversely on their list!

    1. Thank you! I agree and I love how people are now giving so many great rec's for diverse reading as well.


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