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Goddess Games by Niki Burnham: Book Review

Goddess GamesTitle: Goddess Games
Author: Niki Burnham
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing
Published Date: May 22nd 2007
Genre: YA, Realistic Fiction, Contemporary
Page Count:288
Format: Hardcover

My Rating:★ ★ ★
Goodreads Summary: 
Three girls. Three fates

One summer they will never forget.

Seneca always gets what she wants. But this time she's reaching for the impossible.

Drew, an elite athlete, is training hard...and running from her past.

Claire seeks salvation from a mistake she can't erase and a secret she's desperate to protect.

Thrown together as roommates at the luxurious mountain spa where wach has landed a summer job, at first Seneca, Drew, and Claire can only see their differences. But if they're going to make it through the summer, they'll have to learn to get along. These unlikely friends may want nothing to do with one another, but fate has another plan....


 My Review:
"But you can't let an accident completely change who you are."

Told in multiple perspectives each chapter we get to see Drew, Seneca and Claire and how their lives were before they arrived at the resort and how they are now in the present as well and what has brought each of them together at the resort.
With each girl having their own problems and ulterior motives for being there at first they don’t see eye to eye on anything. But as they each get to know more about one another and what brought them there as well as which boy they like. We start to see not only how similar they are, but how in working together they help one another get past what’s been holding them back and start looking towards the future. 
They also learn that they don’t have to try to do everything alone and act like they are invincible all the time in order to try and get over what happened in the past.
Overall I thought this book was okay. For me sadly it did end up falling kind of flat because for the first half of the book the three characters don’t want anything to really do with each other and spend most of the time avoiding the others.  
The part that made me not really enjoy this read is that it become predictable and seemed fairly rushed even though each of the girls had a good back story. I feel like this is one of those books that should have been put into individual ones where each book focus on a different girl, so that we could actually see things more clearly and not feel so stereotyped.
If you want a quick okay summery type of read then this is a good choice.

 "If your name is up on a wall somewhere, or listed on a website as the record holder in the 2,000 meters or as winner ata cross-country meet it'll make you feel immortal. Like you can live forever."

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