Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Favorite Book Outside My Comfort Zone : T5W

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Time to finally get back to doing top 5 wednesdays as well. I think I am going to switch off if I can between this and waiting on Wednesday to keep it interesting.
This week is all about favorite book's outside of my comfort zone. For me this would still have to be contemporary or realistic fiction, recently I've been reading more of both. But it's still not in my comfort zone yet. So without further ado lets see what books I choose.

Escape from Eden
Escape From Eden by Elisa Nader

I was expecting to hate this book, but it ended up being one of my new found favorites. Plus I read it all within a day I believe which is not an easy task for me anymore. 
This was very realistic I believe when it comes to dealing with religious cults from a teens perspective. It was honest and brutal, but yet also had some innocence and kept things out that would have been included in an adult version of this.

genre: realistic fiction

Reason to Breathe (Breathing, #1)
Reason To Breath by Rebecca Donovan

I wouldn't say this is actually one of my favorites in the realistic fiction genre, but it is one that has stuck withe me. Plus thinking about certain things that this young woman had to deal with still make me feel slightly sick.
I did read the second book in this series Barely Breathing, but after what happened in it. I just couldn't read the final book. 

genre: realistic fiction

Thousand WordsThousand Words by Jennifer Brown

Going into this book, I was expecting to hate the main character and to think that she was just another teen that had sent a picture that shouldn't have been sent. Instead I ended up feeling for the character and wishing that I could go and make that picture of her disappear, just so that she can get a somewhat normal life back. This book not only showed what can happen if you do send a picture, but also shows how it affects everyone around you as well. Since reading this as well I have read another of Jennifers work and loved it as well.

genre: realistic fiction

It's All Your FaultIt's All Your Fault by Paul Rudnick

This was probably the most I have ever laughed while reading a book. The main character has anxiety and comes from a very sheltered home, her cousin on the other hand is super wild and together they end up doing crazy things. I loved how this was so fun, but also dealt with anxiety and how it can really affect you in a real way.

Genre: Contemporary

Lucky MeLucky Me by  Saba Kapur

What happens when you have a rich family who suddenly get a death threat? Bodyguards and some good looking ones at that. I was once again expecting to hate the main character and for her to be a spoiled brat, which she was partially, but she also wasn't afraid of hard work in order to find out who was sending her family death threats and why. With the help of her new bodyguard and a police officer she finally does it kind of. This was such a fun read!

Genre: Contemporary

Those were all of my picks this week. They were all young adult books, since that's what I've been reading more of and enjoying recently. 
Which books were outside of your comfort zone?


  1. I've had my eye on Jennifer Brown's books but I never read one. Which would you suggest?

    1. For me Torn Away by her was an easier read than A Thousand Words was, so I would say its a good place to start. But either are good choices.

  2. I have yet to read Reason to Breathe! It's been on my TBR for ages

    1. It's one of those books you have to be ready to read because of certain things that happen in it.


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